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Tips of a good CV!

CV Guidelines:

1) Place your personal details name, date of birth, and contact details – at the start of the CV.
2) The information in the CV is presented in reverse chronological order: the most recent work experience, education, or other merit is placed first.
3) For education, indicate at least your main subject and year of graduation. If you are still studying, you should state an estimated completion date and give an idea of when you would be available for full-time work. You can also tell the reader about any career aims you had that inspired you to enroll in your education, if you had any such goals.
4) In the work history section, list your employers and positions, and the dates and duration of employment. Since a job title does not provide enough information, try to describe your work as comprehensively as possible and list your practical duties and responsibilities. If you are currently employed, you can write a short description of why you are looking for a new job.
5) If you have gaps in your employment, you should explain the reasons for them. Any longer periods of travelling, studying, or parental leave are also worth mentioning in the CV.
Be honest when describing your language and IT skills. You should specify oral and written language skills separately and describe them extensively instead of merely using an excellent/good/fair rating. When describing your language and IT skills, use as concrete examples as possible. Indicate what computer software and systems you can use and what you have done with them in your work. Do mention any studies or work abroad when describing your language skills.

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Re: Tips of a good CV!


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