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Your Facebook can be hacked

18 Ways to hack Facebook:

Your Facebook can be hacked in 18 ways:

1. Social Engineering
2. Facebook Phishing
3. Keylogging
4. Password Stealers
5. Brute Force Attacks
6. Dictionary Attacks
7. Exploiting Facebook's Trusted Friend
8. Fake SMS (To Hack Facebook Status)
9. Session Hijacking
10. Sidejacking
11. Clickjacking
12. Mobile Phone Hacking
13. DNS Spoofing
14. USB Hacking xD
15. Man In the Middle Attacks
16. Botnets ( only anonymous member
know how to work botnet )
17. By Pass Security Question
18. Cookies Grabbing

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2015-01-20 05:45:24

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Re: Your Facebook can be hacked

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