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How to deal with unemployment?

Unemplyment todays biggest problem in all over the world.
Unemployment is a situation the vast majority of people dread. Having to tell people such as relatives, friends and acquaintances about your jobless status can be shameful and embarrassing. Here are some ways to eliminate the stigma.

1.Apply for unemployment benefits if you are eligible. Most of the time, you are eligible unless you (1) voluntarily quit, (2) were fired for cause (insubordination, tardiness, attendance problems, criminal activity such as theft and the like) or (3) are living in a country where you are not a citizen or permanent resident. There is usually a 7-day waiting period, so it's best to file the first day you are able to, in order to start receiving those benefits as quickly as possible. Don't wait until you are completely out of funds as it can take up to six weeks before you receive your first payment. Many people feel a great deal of shame at resorting to unemployment insurance or welfare. Don't. You have been paying into the system with all of the jobs you've held previously, and you will be paying into it again when you land your new job.

2.Start looking for a job on the Internet. Do this as soon as you are fired, laid off or you just plain quit your job for some reason. Nowadays, it is best looking for a job on the Net obviously for convenience. There are many job hunting websites. Most websites give you the option to create an online resume. Do this if you don't already have one.

3.The number one reason that people don't get interviews is that their resume does not match the job description. Carefully look at the types of jobs that match your skill set. I used to have a couple different variations of my resume to match the different jobs in my profession.

4.When analysing the jobs openings on the internet, write down the 3-5 areas that you are weak in. Do research or buy a book and shore up these weak areas.

5.If your resume matches the job description you will get a phone interview. If you pass the phone interview, you will get in-person interviews.

6.The number one reason that people do not get job offers when they interview is that they have not warmed up to the interview process. It take 3-5 interview to get warmed up. After 3-5 interviews you will start to get offers. It is very normal to get depressed if you have been on 3 interviews and you have not gotten a job. Get over it, chalk it up as part of the learning curve, you will get an offer if you persist.

7.Reduce expenses immediately. Options might include cancelling cable service, or cancelling phone service, especially if you have a land line as well as a cell phone.

8.Make at least the minimum payments on all credit for as long as possible. A good credit rating may be important when applying for jobs. Resume higher payments as soon as you can, so as to avoid the minimum payment trap which is designed to keep you indebted for a very long time.

9.Take in a boarder. Others are out of work as well, and if you have a little space in your home, you can provide housing to someone who can help you in return. Perhaps they can pay you some rent or prepare meals, or help out with child care while you look for employment.

10.Ask about a hardship program if you are unable to maintain minimum payments on your credit cards. Credit card companies will sometimes halt interest payments, or lower them until you are employed again. Some will give you a "deferment," or allow you 30, 60 or even 90 days without payments, and will usually suspend interest accrued during these times. Call them and talk pleasantly with them - they will usually be quite helpful and may have some sort of mechanism in place to deal with a sudden financial hardship. Find out if your cards are insured for this.

11.Open a home-equity line of credit and save your cash until you have a steady income again.

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Re: How to deal with unemployment?

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Re: How to deal with unemployment?

Yes, I agree with you. Your way of perception is very right and it's the time to focus our attention to Solve this problem. Enhancing our inner skills and talents is the main or important factor to choose a right career path as per our passion which will ultimately give us a huge success. In this competitive era to overcome this problem we have to posses specific inner quality with education. For this reason training and coaching is an essential part of our life,which can be act as a lamp in a dark room.

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