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What is logic reasoning test?

How to prepare for your logical reasoning test

Similar to deductive reasoning tests and verbal reasoning tests, logical reasoning aptitude tests are designed to measure your ability to draw logical conclusions based on statements or arguments, and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of those arguments.
Logical reasoning aptitude test example questions:
Question example 1:
Only fish oil contains Omega 3.
Only foods that contain Omega 3 help with brain development.
Which conclusion can be derived from the combination of these two statements?
All fish oils help with brain development.
Only what contains Omega 3 is fish oil.
All that helps with brain development is fish oil.
There are fish oils that help with brain development.
Answer explanation:
Option 3 is the correct answer. From the first statement, we can conclude: fish oil => contains Omega 3. The second statement tells us: that which contains Omega 3 => helps with brain development. If we combine the two statements in reverse, we can see: helps with brain development => contains Omega 3 => fish oil. Thus, helps with brain development => fish oil.

What to expect in your logical reasoning aptitude test:
Logical reasoning aptitude tests are timed. You should allow around 30 seconds for each test question. To master your logical aptitude test, you must be familiar with all the ins and outs of your spatial aptitude test.
Typically, you will have easier test questions at the beginning. The level of difficulty of the questions will increase as the test progresses.
There is only one correct answer.
It is extremely important to ensure that you practise the right test questions for your spatial aptitude test. As there are several types of spatial aptitude test questions, each designed to match a different level of difficulty and complexity, the right test questions are necessary for an effective practice. Don’t practise the generic spatial tests that are offered free on many websites, as they are likely to waste your time.
Improving your test score on the spatial aptitude test can be achieved through ensuring simple factors, such as using the right techniques and frameworks to solve test problems.
How to prepare you for your logical aptitude test:
The Institute of Psychometric Coaching (IPC) offers online preparation developed by experienced psychologists. These psychologists have developed aptitude tests and administered them to candidates applying for jobs with many local and international companies. Our preparation solutions are quick, effective, affordable, and tailored to the level of difficulty and complexity of the position you are applying for.

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Re: What is logic reasoning test?

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