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How to prepare numerical tests?

How to Prepare for your Numerical Reasoning Test:
Practice as many numerical reasoning questions as possible before sitting your real assessment. The more questions you practice the more your speed, accuracy and timings will improve.
Stick to timings. If you get stuck move on, the tests are not always in order of difficulty so you might find easier questions follow. In the tests produced by the major test publishers such as SHL and Kenexa the numerical reasoning questions are not always in order of difficulty.
Use your own calculator. It’s enormously important that you are familiar with the calculator you use in your online tests. We also recommend you use a scientific calculator so you have access to brackets.
Practice in exam conditions. This means sitting complete tests in one sitting and doing so to time. Try to find a quiet place to practice at a desk with rough paper and the calculator you intend to use in your actual assessment. Ensure you have a pen that works and plenty of rough paper for workings, we recommend having at least half an A4 side available for workings per question.
Spend time reviewing the questions you get wrong. Focus on these at the end of your practice tests, you will learn more from these questions that those which you get correct.
Practice the questions you find the hardest. Everyone likes doing what they’re good at but focus on your weakest areas. If you find currency conversion difficult invest time practicing these questions.
Watch our video tutorials to get hints and tips on how to perform the calculations which appear most commonly in numerical reasoning assessments. Our video tutorials cover percentage increase, decrease, ratios, currency questions and more.
Get a good night’s sleep the night before your assessment; this will aid your concentration and performance. It’s also important to ensure you’re hydrated but don’t drink too much water before your assessment.
Use our learning resource! We've worked hard to bring you a range of questions, video tutorials and hints and tips to help you maximize your psychometric test performance. Join today and become a member to get maximum benefit from our resource. This will help you get ahead of the competition.

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2014-10-05 04:32:59

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Re: How to prepare numerical tests?

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