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Tips For Interview

Interview Etiquettes

Best 30 Etiquette Tips For Interview

1.Be punctual. Arrive about 10-15 minutes earlier.

2.Use a firm handshake with a secure, steady grip and then release.

3.Dress accordingly but make sure your clothes don't steal the show. You need to convince the recruiter with your skills.

4.Address the interviewer by name. Make sure you pronounce his name correctly.

5.Keep eye contact with the interviewer, but don't star at him.

6.Make sure you go to the bathroom before the interview, not during the interview!

7.Don't ask for refreshments. Make sure you had something to drink and eat before the interview begins.

8.Show genuine interest in the company, the interviewer and the job.

9.Be alert and interested all the time!

10.Be confident but never cocky!

11.Do not make any negative comments about anything. Don't bad-mouth any former employer.

12.Sit down once it is being offered to you.

13.Put your briefcase or other interview paraphernalia on the floor and not on the desk.

14.Take notes on a note pad and not on your laptop.

15.Don't interrupt the interviewer.

16.Make sure your cell phone is switched off.

17.Be polite to everyone, also the receptionist!

18.Pay attention to your body language. Stand and sit up straight, be moderate in using hand gestures.

19.Don't lie because sooner or later you will be caught!

20.Don't procrastinate in answering questions.

21.Be enthusiastic but don't look desperate.

22.Be prepared. Do your research regarding job, company and interviewer.

23.Ask intelligent and relevant questions that will impress your interviewer.

24.Make sure you all well groomed.

25.Don't smoke, chew gum, curse or eat garlic beforehand.

26.Go to the interview alone (let parents, children, spouses, friends etc. wait outside the building if they accompany you).

27.Avoid being touchy in an interview situation.

28.Don't imitate your interviewer's dialect.

29.Thank the interviewer for their time and ask what the next steps are, if they didn't already tell you.

30.Send thank-you notes following the interview. Make yourself memorable.

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