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Socket Programming Interview Questions And Answers

Basic Programming :: Socket Programming Job Interview Questions and Answers

Socket Programming Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that in computing, network programming, essentially identical to socket programming or client-server programming, involves writing computer programs that communicate with other programs across a computer network. The program or process initiating the communication is called a client process, and the program waiting for the communication to be initiated is the server process. Learn Socket Programming with this Interview guide

1 What Is Socket?
2 How does the race condition occur?
3 What is multiprogramming?
4 Name the seven layers of the OSI Model and describe them briefly?
5 What is the difference between TCP and UDP?
6 What does a socket consists of?
7 What is a JavaBean?
8 What are the seven layers(OSI model) of networking?
9 What are some advantages and disadvantages of Java Sockets?
10 What is the difference between a NULL pointer and a void pointer?
11 What is encapsulation technique?
12 Socket Programming Interview Questions
13 How do I open a socket?
14 How do I create an input stream?
15 How do I create an output stream?
16 How do I close sockets?
17 Explain simple mail transfer protocol?
18 Explain simple Echo server?
19 What is Socket Programming?
20 What this function socketpair() does?
21 What this function socket() does?
22 What this function bind() does?
23 What this function connect() does?
24 What this function sendto() does?
25 What this function recvfrom() does?
26 How to disposing of a Socket?
27 How Sockets can be used to write client-server applications using a connection-oriented client-server technique?
28 How to make a Socket a Listen-only Connection Endpoint - listen()?
29 Explain Connection Establishment by Server - accept()?
30 Explain Data Transfer over Connected Sockets - send() and recv()?
31 Explain with a Connection-Oriented Example - listen(), accept()?
32 What is the IP Address?
33 What is Network Host Names?
34 What is the /etc/hosts File?
35 How to Selecte a Service Port?
36 How to Put a Host Program Address Together?
37 How to finding a Machine Address?
38 Explain Routines for converting data between a hosts internal representation and Network Byte Order?
39 Explain Network Address Conversion Routines?
40 Socket Programming in C using TCP with Code?
41 RMI vs. Sockets and Object Serialization
42 Explain How to transport your own custom objects?
43 Explain How does the client receives the object and prints the date?
44 Explain A multi-threaded DateServe that listens on port 3000 and waits for requests from clients?
45 How to write a class that reads the objects that have been saved, and invokes a method?
46 How to create a class that creates a instance of the UserInfo class and writes the object to an output stream?
47 How to serialize a custom class?
48 Shows how to read a serialized object and print its information?
49 Shows how to save a Date object to a file?
50 Overview of Object Serialization
51 Explain How do sockets work?
52 Explain what is a socket?
53 What are basic functions of network programming interface?
54 What is Whois Client?
55 How to run the WHOIS Daemon?
56 What is Whois Daemon?
57 What is Inetd Services?
58 How do we get a process bound behind a port?
59 What is Socket Addressing?
60 What is File Descriptors and Sockets?
61 What is Client Connect?
62 What is Server Applications?

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