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HTML Tags Guide

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Now you have learned how to create your first webpage, let us examine the different segments of your created "index.html" file. You have probably noticed a pattern of various words that are surrounded with < and >. These items are called HTML tags. An example of an html tag is . The Body tag like "<body>" tells the browser where the page content begins. Body is also an example of one of the required HTML tags that every web page must contains.  Here you will learn about the basic HTML tags.

First HTML Tags Guide.

Let's learn more about these tags. A basic web page is composed of 2 main parts..  One is head and second is body.  Head contains <title> tag of the web page and some other information related to the webpage and body contains all the information which will be display or view by user. If you create a web page without these tags you will be in trouble!

HTML Code::


         <title>Your Web Page Titleb>&</title>


         Body area of webpage<br>
         <h1>Heading Style One</h1>
         <h2>Heading Style Two</h2>
         <h3>Heading Style Three</h3>


The first HTML tag, which similarity is labeled <html> tells the browser that your HTML code is starting. The second HTML tag, <body> tells the browser that the visible part of the webpage ( your web page content ) is going to start.

Kinds of HTML Tags.

There are tow kind of HTML tags are available, one kind is simple or open tags like break <br> horizontal line <hr> because these basic HTML tags having no closing tags.  Mean when we use these kind of tags we need not to close these and second kind is container HTML tags.  These tags must be closed properly.  Container tags can also contain some other tags also.  But open or simple or non container tags could not contain other tags.

Opening and Closing Tags.

HTML is based on number of tags and we will learn these tags thoroughly in HTML Tutorial and each HTML tag have two ends one is opening HTML tag and second is closing HTML tag. on the above HTML code you observe that each tag having its opening and ending both tags and in between these two ends you can put your content. Purpose of these standard is that if you want to display some text bold you can use <b> tag and and before its closing you can write some content and that content will be visible as bold like this.

Simple web page content contains <b>Bold visible content </b> , enjoy your first web page creation.

Each HTML tag will be close as it was opened the only difference is that the closing tag will be start with this "/" sign like </tag>.

HTML Tag Order. (Nested tags.)

The order that opening tags appear and ending tags appear follow an important rule. If an HTML tag is opened within another, for example the body tag is opened inside the html tag, then that tag <body> must close before the outer <html> tag is closed.
We ended the body tag first because it was opened most recently. This rule of "closing the most recent tag before closing older tags" applies to all HTML tags.  Two examples of valid and invalid tags closing order is as under.

<b>Bold text containing <i>Italic Content</b></i>

Above line contains invalid tags closing order because the tag <b> is started first and before its closing tag <i> started so tag <i> will be close first, after that <b> will be close the order of closing is not proper, italic content is nested in between bold tags so rule of nested standard is violate.

<b>Bold text containing <i>Italic Content</i></b>

Above line of HTML code is valid because of its tags closing order.


<b><i>Bold and Italic Content</i></b>

Before this guide line you need need to learn previous tips first.  After that you will be able to learn these tips and this webpage will make more grounds to polish your skill and able to make your first web page with this guide.  Hear you learned more tips that are as under. 
First HTML tag that describes a web page.
Kinds of HTML tags.
Opening and Closing Tags introduction and idea.
Tags order of opening and closing. (Nested tags.)

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