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First Website Guide     
 First Web Page Guide.
 First - HTML Tags.      

Conclusion Of Your First Website.

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A few new tags were introduced in previous section of first web page guide. We will now give you a comprehensive briefing of these new tags to get you ready for starting the real HTML Tutorial. The new HTML tags were:  <head>, <title>, <h1> to <h6>, <b>, <i>, <br> and <hr> in your first web page guide.

Using All Above Tags..


         <title>Your Web Page Title</title>


         Simple content in body area.<br>
         <h1>Heading Style One</h1>
         <h2>Heading Style Two</h2>
         <h3>Heading Style Three</h3>
         <h4>Heading Style Four</h4>
         <h5>Heading Style Five</h5>
         <h6>Heading Style Six</h6>
         <b>Bold Content</b>
         <i>Italic Content</i>


<html> Tag

This tag is the main tag of a web page because this <html> tag tells the browser that your HTML code is starting and this <html> tag contains all the other tags like <head> <body> and a wide range of HTML tags.  Simply no tags are interoperate by browser out side this <html> tag.  First web page guide to you is must write this tag and all other tags we need to put in this HTML <html> tag.

<head> Tag

This comes immediately following <html> and is used to tell the browser useful information, such as: the title of your web page, the topic of your webpage like meta information about the web page and also used on old search engines etc.  Order of this tag is necessary to write immediately after <html> tag..

<title> Tag

Title tag <title> comes in between the <head> opening and closing tags.  This tag shows the information written on the blue title bar of any browser and this area of a web page is very important for a search engine and for a normal viewer because after reading title of your web page any one can find what this page contains.

<body> Tag

All the information visible on a web page must be written in <body> tag this tag comes after the closing of <head>.  Here order is also impuissant for this tag.  This area can contain any kind of information such as headings simple or formatted content tables frames and a lot of HTML tags that you will learn under HTML Tutorial.

<h1> to <h6> Tags

These are the formatted elements of HTML called as headings.  We can use any one or all there where we need it.  This series of tag will show content as headings of web page. 

<b> Tag

<b> tag is use to show some content as bold like this Bold Text.  More any tag of <b> can also contains some other tags like <i>.  So this tag is a container tag.

<i> Tag

<i> tag use for an effect of italic like Italic Text  this is also a container tag and can contain some other contents with other format like bold and we can make format text as italic and bold both like this Bold and Italic Text

<br> Tag

<br> tag is use to create a breaker between some content.  Mean for creation of break we use <br> tag this is open tag and could not contain other tag because this tag when opened we will not close this tag.

<hr> Tag

<hr> tag is use to create a horizontal line and this tag is also open tag we need not to close this tag so this tag also can't contain any other tag.

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