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JavaScript Tutorial >> JavaScript with Objects.

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What is JavaScript Object?

In Microsoft JavaScript, objects are, essentially, collections of some properties and methods. A method is a function that is a member of an JavaScript object, and a property is a value or set of some values in the form of an JavaScript array or object that is a member of an object. JavaScript supports three kinds of objects: intrinsic objects, objects we create, and browser objects, which are covered elsewhere soon.

Example of Date Object using JavaScript

<title>JavaScript Tutorial explaining JavaScript Objects</title>
 function clockTick()
  currentTime = new Date();
  document.clock_form.clock.value = " "+currentTime;
  //this JavaScript setTimeOut() function will recall the
  //clockTick() after one second
  setTimeout("clockTick()", 1000);

   <TD>Time on your system is.</TD>
   <FORM NAME="clock_form">
    <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME="clock" SIZE=25>
  <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">



Out put for above JavaScript Date object.

Time on your system is.

List of JavaScript Objects

JavaScript Object Name Object Description
JavaScript Boolean Object Creates a new Boolean value as True or False.
JavaScript Date Object Enables basic storage and retrieval of dates and times of visitor system.
JavaScript Dictionary Object Object that stores data as key, item in pairs.
JavaScript Drive Object JavaScript Drive Object provides access to the properties of a disk drive or network share.
JavaScript Enumerator Object JavaScript Enumerate Object enumerates the items in a collection.
JavaScript File Object JavaScript File Object provides access to the properties of a file.
JavaScript FileSystemObject Object JavaScript FileSystemObject provides access to a computer's file system.
JavaScript Folder Object JavaScript Folder Object provides access to the properties of any folder.
JavaScript Function Object By using JavaScript Function Object we can create a new function.
JavaScript Global Object Built-in JavaScript Global Object that collects global methods into one JavaScript Object.
JavaScript Math Object Intrinsic JavaScript Math object that provides basic math functions such as addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, etc.
JavaScript Number Object JavaScript Number Object is an representation of the number data type.
JavaScript Object Simple JavaScript Object provides functionality common to all JavaScript objects.
JavaScript RegExp Object JavaScript RegExp Object Stores information on regular expression pattern searches.
JavaScript Regular Expression Object JavaScript Regular Expression Object contains a regular expression pattern.
JavaScript String Object JavaScript String Object is an object representation of the string data type.
JavaScript TextStream Object JavaScript TextStream Object facilitates sequential access to any file saved on any location.
JavaScript VBArray Object JavaScript VBArray Object is an object representation of VBScript safe arrays.
JavaScript Collections JavaScript Collections Object is useful for collections of other objects.
JavaScript Array Object JavaScript Array Object provides support for creation of arrays of any data type.

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