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JavaScript Tutorial >> JavaScript on Hyperlinks.

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As we know we can associate some JavaScript function with am HTML button or an image and we used JavaScript on buttons images, same way can be follow with hyperlinks.  The code to associate some JavaScript function on Hyperlink will be as under.

Syntax for JavaScript associated with Hyperlink

<a href="" onClick="someFunctionName()"> Any thing else </a>

In this example we can change the text and the URL of a hyperlink. We can also change the target attribute for the hyperlink. The target attribute is by default set to "_self", which means that the link will open in the same window. By setting the target attribute to "_blank", the hyperlink will open in a new window as shown in below code.

Example of JavaScript on Hyperlinks.

<script type="text/javascript">
function changeLink()
  document.getElementById('anchor').innerHTML="Explore Google Technologies"

  <a id="anchor" href="">
     Explore JavaScript Tutorial at Global Guide Line Technologies.
  <u><font color="#0000FF">
  <a href="javascript:changeLink()" target="_self">
     Change above Hyperlink, JavaScript is waiting for action


Out put for above JavaScript on Hyperlink code

Global Guide Line Technologies.       Click here to Change Link

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JavaScript Anchor Object Examples

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