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Basic JavaScript Guide.
 JScript Introduction.
 JScript Why?                       
 JScript Recognitions.          
 JScript onMouseover.         
 JScript with Buttons.           
 JScript Alerts.                     
 JScript Variables.               
 JScript Operators.               
 JScript Functions.               
 JScript Prompts.                 
 JScript Conditions.             
 JScript Validations.            
 JScript Confirmation Boxes.
 JScript Browser Detection.  
 JScript Redirection.            
 JScript on Links.                 
 JScript Switch.                    
 JScript Loops.                     
 JScript Events.                    
 JScript Exception Handling.
 JScript Reserve Characters. 
 JScript with Objects.            
 JScript Math Object.           
 JScript using Dates.             
 JScript using String.            
 JScript using Arrays.            
 JScript Operations.              
 JScript Handling Cookies.   
 JScript in Mapping.             
 JScript Time Out.                
 JScript Summary.                

JavaScript Tutorial >> JavaScript Introduction.

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JavaScript is a simple scripting language invented specifically for use in web browsers to make websites more dynamic and attractive. On its own, HTML is capable of outputting more-or-less static pages. Once you load them up your view doesn't change much until you click a link to go to a new page. Adding JavaScript to our code allows us to change how the document looks completely, from changing text, to changing colors, to changing the options available in a drop-down list and much, much more!.

Here in JavaScript we will see that JavaScript is used in web development from several years and a number of benefits we were using while development of websites.  The major benefit of JavaScript is to add more interaction between the web pages and its viewers at very very low cost of a little extra work by web developer.  JavaScript allows web masters to get more out of their website than HTML and CSS can provide same we will say to you make our web site more attractive with JavaScript and develop your own skill.  Its quite easy and too much interesting to learn and all of us will be very exited while learning this JavaScript Tutorial.

Definition of JavaScript, we can say it is client-side scripting language in shortest definition. This means the web browser will be running the script and we will learn that there are two type of scripting languages in the entire web development one is Server side scripting language and second is Client side scripting language.  Like ASP, PHP, JSP these are server side Scripting Languages and JavaScript, VB Script etc are Client Side Scripting Languages

The difference is only one, that Server Side Scripting Language will execute on web servers like IIS, Apache, Jakarta Tomcat and Client Side Scripting Languages such as JavaScript or VB Script will execute on client's browser, so we can see the coding or logics also by using view source of our web pages. JavaScript will be available on view source of each web page but Server side script will generate out put in HTML and push it to client side, so when we use view source no script will be available only HTML will be on view source.

There are several uses and abuses for the JavaScript language. The only few things we want to share now, these things are in our daily use while browsing or web development.  Such as mouse interactions like animations, popup, sliding, classes, form validations, status bar use, time and dates representations, buttons, menus and much more we will learn while reading this JavaScript Tutorial.

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Fundamentals of JavaScript Examples

JavaScript Statement, JavaScript Block and JavaScript Comments Examples

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