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JavaScript Tutorial >> JavaScript Math Object and Properties.

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The JavaScript Math object allows us to perform common mathematical tasks such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc.. The JavaScript Math object includes several mathematical values and functions. We do not need to define the Math object before using it.  Below JavaScript Math object's syntax is the following

Syntax of JavaScript Math Object

<script type = "text/javascript">





JavaScript Math Methods

Although most of the methods used by Math are self-evident-such as using Math.sin to calculate the sine function of a number-they are summarized in the following sections, with examples for your reference.

JavaScript Math Object Methods and Properties List

JavaScript Math Object Method Name Example of JavaScript Math Object Returned Value of Math Object Examples
abs Math.abs(-79) 79
acos Math.acos(.5) 1.047197551196597 631
asin Math.asin(1)
1.570796326794896 558
cos Math.cos(.4) 0.9210609940028851 028
atan Math.atan(.5) 0.4636476090008060 935
ceil exp Math.exp(8) 2980.957987041728 302
floor Math.floor(8.9) 8
log Math.log(5) 1.60943791243410 0282
max Math.max(1, 700) 700
min Math.min(1, 700) 1
pow Math.pow(6,2) 36
random Math.random() .7877896 (varies)
round Math.round(.567) 1
sin Math.sin(Math.PI) 0
sqrt Math.sqrt(9801) 99
tan Math.tan(1.5*Math.PI) INF (infinity)

JavaScript Math.abs Method

//JavaScritp Math.abs returns the absolute value of its numeric argument.
//For example, the above will return 1

JavaScript acos, asin, atan, cos, sin, tan Math Methods

//JavaScript Math.acos, Math.asin, Math.atan, Math.cos, Math.sin, Math.tan.
//These return that trig function in radians.
//For example, the above will return 3.141592653589793116

JavaScript Math.ceil Method

//JavaScript Math.ceil returns the smallest integer
//greater than or equal to the argument passed to it.
//This is equivalent to always rounding up to the nearest integer.
//For example, the above example will return 15:

JavaScript Math.exp Method

//JavaScript Math.exp returns the power of its argument.
//For example, the above Example will return 148.4131591025765999

JavaScript Math.floor Method

//JavaScript Math.floor returns the greatest integer less than or
//equal to the value passed to it. This is equivalent to always
//rounding down to the nearest integer.
//For example, the above example will return 1

JavaScript Math.log Method

pie = Math.PI;
pielog = Math.log(pie);
document.write("The log to the base e of PI is: " + pielog + " .");

//JavaScript Math.log returns the natural log of the argument passed to it.
//For example, the above example will return the log to the base e of pi,
//which is 1.144729885849400164

JavaScript max, min Math Methods

with (Math) {
document.write("Between Euler's constant and
PI, " + max(E,PI) + " is greater.")

//JavaScript Math.max, Math.min.
//Given two numbers, max returns the greater of the two,
//and min returns the lesser of the two

JavaScript Math.pow Method


//JavaScript Math.pow given a base and an exponent,
//this returns the base to the exponent power.
//For example, the above example return 10000

JavaScript Math.random Method


  //below lines of random number generation in JavaScript
  //will generate any number from 0 to 9 
  var ranNum= Math.floor(Math.random()*10);

//JavaScript Math.random method returns a pseudo-random number between 0 and 1.
//For example, the above example might return 0.09983341664682815475:

JavaScript Math.round Method


//JavaScript Math.round method returns the argument rounded to
//the nearest integer. It rounds up if the fractional part of
//the number is .5 or greater, and down otherwise.
//For example, the above example will return 1

JavaScript Math.sqrt Method


//JavaScript Math.sqrt returns the square root of its argument. The argument must
//be non-negative. otherwise, the sqrt method returns 0.
//For example, the following returns 12

JavaScript Math Properties

The JavaScript Math object provides us with a few constants that we can use for various scientific and algebraic functions in JavaScript. Note that these JavaScript Math properties are constants and cannot be changed by JavaScript. The following is a summary with each JavaScript Math property's approximate values.
  • E
    Euler's constant, the base of natural algorithms. Approximately 2.718.
  • LN2
    The natural log of 2. Approximately 0.693.
  • LN10
    The natural log of 10. Approximately 2.302.
  • PI
    The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Approximately 3.1416.
  • SQRT1_2
    The square root of .5 (one half) or one over the square root of 2. Approximately 0.707.
  • SQRT2
    The square root of 2. Approximately 1.414.

JavaScript Math Object Properties List

JavaScript Math Property Name Example  of JavaScript Math Property Returned Value of JavaScript Math Property
E Math.E*5 (2.718281828459045091)
LN10 Math.LN10/6 (2.302585092994045901)
LN2 Math.LN2-Math.E (0.69314718055994529)
PI Math.sin(2*Math.PI/4)1 3.141592653589793116
SQRT2 1/Math.SQRT2 0.7071067811865474617

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JavaScript Math Object Functions and Properties Examples

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