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Web 3.0 Interview Questions and Answers will guide us now that Web 3.0 is touted as a new form of web that we see today and successor to the web 2.0. The main role of web 3.0 would be to make the present form of web more interesting and easy for users. Some experts believe that web 3.0 would only turn out to be a marketing gimmick for attracting prospective buyers of the web 3.0 applications, so learn Web 3.0 concepts for getting Web 3.0 Job with this Web 3.0 Interview Questions with Answers

11 Web 3.0 Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is a set of standards that turns the Web into one big database. There is also a debate among tech savvy individuals regarding web 3.0 vs web 2.0, whether the web 3.0 would completely replace the web 2.0 or function as a parallel entity.
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2 :: What is Artificial Intelligence involved in the Web 3.0?

It is said that implementing artificial intelligence in different web applications should be the next big thing and also one of the features of Web 3.0. Today, the results provided by Internet search engines make use of sophisticated software called crawlers. The results however, may not be exact enough to satisfy the users needs. The human element/quality of analyzing and grading a particular result to be useful can bring a sea change in the way quality information is provided to the user. The discrepancy or probably limitation of human beings manipulating or giving a biased opinion about a particular thing can also hamper this process at the same time. The need for implementation of artificial intelligence in making search engines more efficient could arise in the future and be one of the features of Web 3.0.
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3 :: What is The Web 3.0 Semantic Web?

It is probably the answer to what is discussed in the paragraph above. A Semantic Web is a kind of web which groups information in a manner that both computer and humans are able to comprehend. The Web 3.0 Semantic Web is the combination of artificial intelligence and Semantic Web. Evolution of artificial intelligence in due course of time would enrich the Web 3.0 Semantic Web.
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4 :: What is the difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0?

Web 2.0: The lack of active interaction of common user with the web lead to the birth of Web 2.0. The year 1999 marked the beginning of a Read-Write-Publish era with notable contributions from LiveJournal (Launched in April, 1999) and Blogger (Launched in August, 1999). Now even a non-technical user can actively interact & contribute to the web using different blog platforms. This era empowered the common user with a few new concepts viz. Blog, Social-Media & Video-Streaming. Publishing your content is only a few clicks away! Few remarkable developments of Web 2.0 are Twitter, YouTube, eZineArticles, Flickr and Facebook.

Web 3.0: It seems we have everything whatever we had wished for in Web 2.0, but it is way behind when it comes to intelligence. Perhaps a six year old child has a better analytical abilities than the existing search technologies! Keyword based search of web 2.0 resulted in an information overload. The following attributes are going to be a part of Web 3.0:

► contextual Search
► Tailor made Search
► Personalized Search
► Evolution of 3D Web
► Deductive Reasoning
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5 :: What is Web 3.0 Actually?

To put it simply, the web 3.0 will be smarter than the web 2.0. This form of web will act similar to an assistant. It will understand our instructions in a far better manner than the necessary-to-program computers. Based on the search patterns of the user and information that is already present on the web, extremely specialized/customized results would be provided.
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