Unity Developers Interview Preparation Guide
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Unity Developers Frequently Asked Questions in various Unity Developers job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

39 Unity3D Developers Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Unity 3D?

Unity 3D is a powerful cross-platform and fully integrated development engine which gives out-of-box functionality to create games and other interactive 3D content.
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2 :: Mention important components of Unity 3D?

Some important Unity 3D components include

► Toolbar: It features several important manipulation tools for the scene and game windows
► Scene View: It is a fully rendered 3 D preview of the currently open scene is displayed and enables you to add, edit and remove GameObjects
► Hierarchy: It displays a list of every GameObject within the current scene view
► Project Window: In complex games, project window searches for specific game assets as needed. It explores the assets directory for all textures, scripts, models and prefabs used within the project
► Game View: In unity you can view your game and at the same time make changes to your game while you are playing in real time.
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3 :: In Unity 3D how can you hide gameobject?

To hide gameobject in Unity 3D, you have to use the code

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4 :: Explain what is the use of AssetBundle in Unity3D?

AssetBundles are files that can be exported from Unity to contain asset of your choice. AssetBundles are created to simply downloading content to your application.
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5 :: List out some key features of Unity3D UE4 ( Unreal Engine 4)?

► Game logic is written in C++ or blueprint editor
► Base scene object- Actor
► Input Events- Component UInputComponent of Actor class
► Main classes and function of UE4 includes int32,int24, Fstring, Ftransform, FQuat, FRotator, Actor and TArray
► To create a new instance of a specified class and to point towards the newly created Actor. UWorld::SpawnActor() may be used
► UI of Unreal Engine 4 is more flexible and less prone to crashes
► It does not support systems like X-box 360 or PS3, it requires AMD Radeon HD card to function properly
► Less expensive compare to Unity3D
► To use UE4 you don't need programming language knowledge

► Game logic is written using the Mono environment
► Base scene object- GameObject
► Input events- Class Input
► Main classes and function include int,string,quaternion,transform, rotation, gameobject, Array
► To make a copy of an object you can use the function Instantiate()
► The asset store of this tool is much better stacked than UE4
► It supports wide range of gaming consoles like X-box and PS4, as well as their predecessors
► Unity3D has free version which lacks few functionality while pro version is bit expensive in compare to UE4
► It requires programming language knowledge
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6 :: What games are you playing?

If you plan to work for a video game company, you'd better be playing games -- and you'd better be able to demonstrate that.

It's good form to mention some games that are in the same genre as the games made at that company. It's even better if you mention playing some of the games that were actually made there. Again though, don't go over the top.

At the very least, play the demo of anything they've produced. You need to be knowledgeable about the genre, what you enjoy about it, and how the development of these games is affected by the genre (as much as you can be). So research the company before the interview.

How you answer this question can be a deal breaker or a deal maker for hiring managers. They want to hire people who are demonstrably passionate about the games their company makes. Saying, "I have a level 70 mage in World of Warcraft and a level 40 druid in EverQuest," to Blizzard makes the point that you are immersed in its product genre.

Demonstrating some knowledge about older games also shows you're grounded in game history, which is never a bad thing. The wider your knowledge base, the more you can forestall going down blind alleys in terms of implementation and design, which benefits everyone, and that's exactly what a company is looking for in its employees.
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7 :: Questions You Should Ask In Unity3D Interview:

► What are the core working hours?
► How do you assign or schedule tasks? Who gets to decide who does what and estimates time?
► What's the career path for this job? How do I get to progress? What is the process for promotion?
► What training approach do you use? How would I learn new skills?
► How are personnel reviews handled? Who does them and how often?
► Are there any specific development processes used here, for example, Scrum?
► Who would I report to?
► If I'm hired, what is the next game I might work on? How much input would I have on that?
► Is there a relocation package?
► What bonus structure or incentives are there?
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8 :: Basic Unity3D Interview questions:

► What is the best game that you made with Unity?
► Which app on the app store did you make most money from?
► How did you create asset bundles for your game?
► What do you think about the threading model in Unity?
► When would you use plugins?
► How can you call c# from Javascript, and vice versa?
► How active are you on the forum and answers sites? (What's your username?)
► What editor scripting have you done, and how did that go?
► What is one change/improvement you'd make to Unity?
► What source code revision software would you recommend using?
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9 :: Interview Preparation Guide for Game Developer (Unity 3D):

► Do you play games? If yes , then name your favorite ones.
► He/She will ask you something related to your favorite games.
► How would you design this mechanism in Unity and much more.
► How many games have you developed so far?
► Let's say I gave you a game which is lagging(poor performance), how will you find the bottleneck?
► How to find inactive gameobjects from script?
► What is the use of AssetBundle?
► What is batching?
► Can i change the script execution order?
► What are Coroutines? Does it run on different Thread?
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10 :: Unity3D Developer Interview Questions:

► What do you like about gaming?
► What was the first computer or console game you played?
► What was your first computer?
► What's your favorite game and why?
► What's your favorite book? Movie? TV show?
► Do you prefer open worlds or well-defined quest lines? Do you think a game should/can have both?
► What's your favorite character class?
► How would you briefly describe the mechanics of your favorite game to a non-programmer?
► Do you usually play games to the end?
► What's your Beta test experience? (No, you're not looking for a QA person BUT it doesn't hurt to hire a programmer who thinks like a QA person at least a little, as in being able to vet their own work before they hand off a fix as "done.")
► What's your favorite game of ours and why? (If you've only published one game, they better have played it! And listen for their own words-if they sound like they're parroting what they read about your game, it's entirely possible they haven't actually played it.)
► If you could work in any other area of our industry, what would it be and why?
What makes a game fun for you?
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