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Product Manager frequently Asked Questions in various Product Manager job Interviews by interviewer. The set of questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job hunting

28 Product Manager Questions and Answers:

1 :: How is this different from what most companies do?

Most companies do a first round of 3-4 interviews, but each interview is similar in structure and focus. The interview questions asked are largely up to each interviewer, and there is little or no coordination between interviewers.
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2 :: Why do we recommend a different approach?

It is simply not possible to address everything needed to excel in a product management role in one 45-60 minute interview. It's also not realistic to subject candidates to extremely long interview processes. In a tight job market for top talent, great candidates won't have the patience.
The coordinated team approach we recommend allows each candidate decision to be made with up to 4 times as much data. It also ensures balanced coverage across all key areas.
In the alternative/classic approach, each interviewer decides individually using only his or her 45-60 minutes of data. And since interview questions are not coordinated, there is a high risk that some key areas are never addressed.
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3 :: What are the benefits of our approach?

☛ Confidence: Assured coverage of all areas critical to the job.
☛ Objectivity: Information sharing and group assessment increases quality of decisions.
☛ Decision Speed: Coordination means less need for many rounds of interviews.
☛ Transparency: How else do you know if people on your team are good interviewers?
☛ Recruitment: A comprehensive approach gives top talent confidence in your company.
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4 :: Give an example of a product lifecycle?

Specify stages such as market research, development, documentation, mass production, launching, marketing, branding, services, etc.
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5 :: Describe a new product market research?

Go through its value proposition, target customers, and competitive analysis, to the product's positioning strategy.
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6 :: What is your abilities about complex system?

I learn/understand quickly the functional/technical aspects of a complex system.
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7 :: How you learn/understand the market?

I learn/understand the market needs through performing market analysis.
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8 :: Product Manager interview questions part 1:

☛ Ask A Good Product Manager is going on hiatus?
☛ Should I study product design or economics?
☛ Is a good product or a good management team more important?
☛ How do I set up customer interviews?
☛ Should I just focus on my product or the supporting services too?
☛ How can I translate needs of an industry into portfolio requirements?
☛ Are product managers always just developing new products?
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9 :: Product Manager interview questions part 2:

☛ Should my requirements documents include all requirements or just new ones?
☛ How can I establish product management within a company?
☛ How technical should a product manager be?
☛ What is the difference between a good product manager and a great product manager?
☛ If product managers are CEOs of their products, why aren't more of them CEOs?
☛ How can I create a product which customers love?
☛ How do I position a new version of an existing product and avoid cannibalization?
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10 :: Product Manager interview questions part 3:

☛ What goes in to a product strategy besides goals, objectives, and tactics?
☛ How can I avoid cannibalization with a new product?
☛ How to go from sales engineer to product manager?
☛ How can I determine the sales ability of an innovative new product?
☛ What are my career options after product management?
☛ How can product management weather the recession?
☛ How is a product manager different from a brand manager?
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