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Pharmacist frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Pharmacist. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

32 Pharmacist Questions and Answers:

1 :: What you know about pharmacist careers?

Pharmacist is one of the most popular careers all around the world. Clean working environment, professional colleagues, exceptional salary. These are the true reasons behind a popularity of this job.
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2 :: What points should be considered while answering the question, why do you want to become a pharmacist?

While speaking about it in an interview. You should speak about your desire to help the others, your passion for drugs and medicines, or about your true love to the nature of this job. Money should never resonate in your answer. Of course, we all work for money. (Nobody would go to work without getting paid.) Interviewers know it, but they want to hear that you have also other, better motives, why you apply for the job of a pharmacist.
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3 :: Tell me why you want to become a pharmacist?

I was always interested in treatment of various diseases, in drugs and in medical equipment. It was my passion and I never hesitated when choosing my career. I feel it is my true calling and dream job to work as a pharmacist. On the top of that, I believe to have both knowledge and right personality to become a great pharmacist and to bring added value to the team.
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4 :: What did you dislike the most about your studies?

Each of us dislike some subjects. Interviewers have most likely seen your marks and know what troubled you at school. If you said you had no problems with any subject, but you got some bad marks, they would doubt your trustworthiness and that would be an end of your chances to get a job.
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5 :: What subjects did you have problems with?

Therefore, do not hesitate to your weaknesses and list subjects you had problems with. Nobody is perfect. Interviewers themselves had problems with some subjects too.
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6 :: What kind of pharmacist job is?

Job of a pharmacist can look like a piece of cake for many people. But the truth is different. One deals with all kind of clients (good and bad) and many difficult situations occur in a pharmacy on a daily basis.
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7 :: What problematic situations can occur in your daily job of a pharmacist?

This job is not easy. One has to talk to all kinds of people, old and young, nice and angry, clever and stupid. It may be very difficult sometimes to help a patient, but I work a lot on my communication skills, to be able to talk to everyone in a most appropriate way.
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8 :: What are the most common problems pharmacist have to deal with?

Drug interaction is one of the most common problems we have to deal with. It is important to keep your knowledge up to date, to be able to notice it, explain the situation to the patient and come up with an alternative solution. It may also happen that we do not have what the patient needs. In this case, we should offer him an alternative or send him some other place where they have it.
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9 :: What typical interview question many job seekers are scared from?

Many job seekers are scared of this typical interview question of strengths and weaknesses. Well, nobody likes to talk about his own weaknesses, especially if we try to impress someone and get the job. On the top of that, we are good in seeing the weaknesses of the others, but struggle to identify our own weak spots. All in all, it is a difficult question for every job seeker, at least emotionally.
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10 :: What strengths are closely related to the job of a pharmacist?

★ Good communication skills
★ Ability to uncover the needs of the others
★ Patience and responsibility
★ Detail oriented personality
★ Ability to talk to different kind of people
★ Problem solving skills
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