Micro Strategy Interview Preparation Guide
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Micro Strategy job interview preparation guide. Number of Micro Strategy frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many Micro Strategy interviews

23 Micro Strategy Questions and Answers:

1 :: Is it possible to see the data in dataset?

Open Warehouse Catelog from Architect.Select that particular
DSN.Then it will display available tables in that DSN.Select
the particular table and right click on that,select SHOW
SAMPLE DATA.then it will show sample data in that data set.
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2 :: What are the advantages of dataset compare to fileset?

Dataset Contains attributes,metrics of the particular Report Only.
Fileset Contains total tables and information
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3 :: What are the nulls on microstrategy report and how to mask them?

1)If in this question we want to deal with null in MSTR
report than we have some display property in report data
option which we can change according to the replacement of
null values.
2)if we want to deal with sql geration of report than there
is an option of VLDB property according to you requirment u
can deal with sql query of report.
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4 :: What is static prompt in microstrategy?

Static prompted reports :-
when report is executed and than we saved that report than
it become static with those prompt.
it means when report executed again than it will not ask for
the promts which are present in it.
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5 :: What is view filter?

Apply specfic filter condition then after we can get the
report data set. it is olap. view filter main use viewing
purpose for custmoers.
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