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16 Marine Engineering Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is motor bike c.c.?

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2 :: How the priming is done in a centrifugal pumps?

As centrifugal pump is not a self priming pump,separate
priming arrangement is required...
generally,a separate axial pump is provided for this
purpose.The discharge v/v of the centrifugal pump is
closed,and the inlet v/v is opened.The discharge v/v is
opened only after the pump is primed,that is filled with the
liquid to be pumped.
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3 :: What is the different between gate valve and globe valve?

Gate valve is non regulator means full close or full open
positions only, while globe valve is regulator.
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4 :: What is the purpose of o-ring, wearings in the centrifugal pumps?

O-ring : to prevent leakage between metal parts while
allowing some movement between them

wear ring : generally a softer material than the parent
material , employed to wear out quickly than the parent
metal thereby avoiding loss of parent metal
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5 :: what is the difference between Mitsui MAN b&w and Hitachi MAN b&w engines?

Design and system wise absolutely no difference. Only the
license manfacturer is different. mitsui and Hitachi
kawasaki Diawoo are the different license holders for Man
B&W for making the engines
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