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Manager Garments Department related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Manager Garments Department. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

125 Manager Garments Department Questions and Answers:

1 :: Explain me what id basic block or block pattern?

Block patterns are the main or basic patterns which are constructed with definite and standard body measurement, but they do not possess any style or extra attractiveness or any type of allowances.
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2 :: Tell us what is grain line?

It is the line, which is marked on the patterns of a garment and the line indicates the warp yarn, as a result, when the pattern is placed in the marking paper then the Grain line follow the warp yarn of fabric.
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3 :: Tell us what is back taking?

During sewing we need to start or end it prior to 1cm or after 1cm respectively to secure the sewing end. This is termed as back tacking.
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4 :: Can you write down the feature of pull oven / sweater?

☛ (I) Warm shirt,
☛ (II) Long sleeve,
☛ (III) Waist band,
☛ (IV) Pull on over head.
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5 :: Do you know what are the methods of fabric cutting?

(A) Manual method
☛ Scissor
☛ Round knife
☛ Band knife
☛ Straight knife
☛ Die cutting
☛ Notcher & -Drill

(B) Computerized method
☛ Straight knife cutting
☛ Water jet cutting
☛ Leaser beam cutting
☛ Plasma torch cutting
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6 :: Do you know what is stock lot?

When goods are made for buyer but not possible to shipping as a result goods are stain at store. This goods are called stock lot .
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7 :: Tell me what do you mean by PD, WR, WP, and TC?

☛ PD= Plain dyed,
☛ WR= Water repellent,
☛ WP= Water proof,
☛ TC= Tetron & cotton,
☛ SD= solid dyed,
☛ YD= Yarn dyed.
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8 :: Tell us what do you mean by numbering in garments?

This process is to put a number on the each part of a garment after cutting. So that the same numbers of each part might be combined at the time of sewing.
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9 :: Tell me how can we difference between a ladies shirt and a Gents shirt?

Buttons are on the opposite side to that of gents shirt,
☛ Ladies shirt: Upper front part is right side.
☛ Gents shirt: Upper front part is left side.
☛ Ladies pant: Fly piece is right side.
☛ Gents pant: fly piece is left side.
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10 :: Tell us what is half part grading?

If the increasing or decreasing is done in every sides of a pattern, then it is called half part grading.
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