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Solicitors need good verbal COMMUNICATION and LISTENING skills to deal with clients, here we will focus on the LAW Interview Questions and Answers to build your better skills. INVESTIGATION, ANALYTICAL and PROBLEM-SOLVING abilities to handle legal casework and DECISION-MAKING skills to assess; the best course of action to follow. You also need the ability to work under PRESSURE and to deadlines. Below is the sort of the evidence you could give at interview to demonstrate that you had these skils

12 LAW Questions and Answers:

1 :: How did you first become interested in a career in law?

Your interest may have been sparked off by talking to friends or family in the legal profession, by careers presentations, by reading or by assessing your personal suitability for different careers and finding law a good match. It may also have been fired by watching television courtroom dramas and legal soaps but this is not the best answer to give!

Describe how your awareness of the profession developed and what initial steps you took to follow up your interest. Was there a key individual who helped you along the way? Where did you get information about the career from? Were there any other occupations that rivaled Law at this stage?

Answer in detail, but do not launch into a long-winded account. Do sound enthusiastic!
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2 :: Why do you want to become a solicitor?

Your reasons could take various approaches: why you want to join the legal profession; why you want to become a solicitor as opposed to a barrister; why you are interested in the particular firm interviewing you. It is a good idea to give an account of any practical experience, such as work placements, that has given you an insight into law in practice. You can also take the opportunity to put over your personal qualities and interests that relate to the work, such as communication and interpersonal skills, initiative, numeracy and flexibility.

Try not to simplify your answer. In other words do not suggest that there is one reason, and one reason alone, for your choice. You should be firing on all fronts in answer to this question. The interviewer needs to be convinced that Law is something you really want to do and have thought about seriously.
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3 :: Why have you applied to this justice firm?

You have probably applied to a number of firms, using broad-brush criteria such as type of practice or location. It is OK to mention these, but you also need to say something more specific about what attracts you to this firm among all the others that you have applied to. You may mention what you have read on the firm’s website or in the legal press, or what you have heard from previous years' graduates in the legal profession or from academics.

Highlight positive, developmental factors such as the in-house training provided or specialized areas of law within the firm into which you hope to gain an insight, rather than the convenience of the location or the range of social activities.
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4 :: Which other firms have you applied to Job?

It is OK to say that you have applied to others - not to have done so would indicate either a lack of interest or gross over-confidence. But make sure that the ones you mention are of a similar type to the one interviewing you -the interviewer will be looking for a commitment to their type of practice and for a methodical approach to applications.

You could mention other firms with similar:

Legal specialisms
Types of clients
Geographical location[s]
Numbers of staff
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5 :: Where do you plan to do your legal practice course (and/or GDL)?

You may not even have applied for this course yet, as many firms will interview for training contracts in September and applications for the LPC open in October. However, you should be aware of where the course is available and give reasons for your favored option, academic or personal. You may want to ask if the firm has any preference.

Consider the following reasons for choosing a course in your answer:

Quality of course/institution
Recommendations of others
Research you have undertaken.
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