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Infosys Interview Questions and Answers Infosys Technologies Limited is an information technology services company headquartered in Bangalore, India. Infosys is the second largest IT company in India with 104,850 professionals, so get preparation for a job in Infosys with the help of this Infosys Interview Questions with Answers guide

7 Infosys Questions and Answers:

1 :: Interview pattern of Infosys consists of three parts which is

1) Aptitude
2) Technical
3) HR interview or HR Round or General round.
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2 :: Aptitude section consists of

(I) Aptitude section
(ii) Logical section
(iii) Technical section
Generally you will be given 50 questions in the Aptitude section which is split accordingly amongst the three sections. During this interview process you might also be checked for English. A test in English may also be present.
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3 :: In logical reasoning do prepare on

1) Puzzle problems
2) Cube questions
3) Data interpretation and sufficiency.
4) Series, etc.
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4 :: Verbal questions can be prepared if you have good grammar and command in the language.

Number of questions for the written or aptitude test does vary.
Some of the questions are as follows: -
1) In a 500 meters race, B gives `A` a start of 160 meters.

The ration of the speeds of `A` and `B` is 2:3 who wins by how much?
2) A, B and C are three participants in a kilometer race. If A can give B a start of 40 meters and B can give C a start of 25 meters, how many meters A can give C a start?
3) A passenger in train `P` travelling at 1 km/min uses his stop watch and finds that another train `Q` travelling in the opposite direction, completely passed his window in 3 seconds. If the length of the train `Q` is 87.50 m. Try to find its speed in Km/hr or in any conversion?.
4) The minute hand of a clock overtakes the hour hand at intervals of 65 minutes of correct time. How much does the clock gain or lose in 12 hours?
5) A certain sum of money lent at a certain rate of compound interest grows to 1.44 times its value in 2 years. If the same sum is lent at simple interest at the same rate, in how many years would it double itself?
These are some of the questions or the type of questions which you would be facing during the interview of Infosys. Try to answer them answering them gives you an edge over the interview.
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5 :: For verbal reasoning it is better to review Barron`s as it has complete reference for all your queries. Some of the questions concerning to verbal are: -

1) Synonyms and antonyms: -
(i) Anachronism
(ii) Amphitheater
(iii) Ameliorate
(iv) Soporific
(v) Sophist
You will also have comprehension from which you have to answer the questions.
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