IT Consultant Interview Preparation Guide
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IT Consultant Frequently Asked Questions in various IT Consultant job interviews by interviewer. The set of questions are here to ensures that you offer a perfect answer posed to you. So get preparation for your new job interview

45 IT Consultant Questions and Answers:

1 :: Tell us what is the key thing about you that can give you an edge over other contenders of this position?

My exemplary time management skills, healthcare experience,76 words per minute typing speed and, above all,2 training courses on medical terminology,1 on effective CRM and2 on essentials of data management and presentations
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2 :: Tell us what would you include in a computer system analyst document?

Computer system analyst documents detail the operational specifications of IT systems. Candidates should list functional activities, data flows, user scenarios and interfaces between systems as part of its contents.
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3 :: Tell us how has your attention to detail identified a critical risk?

This question tests the candidate’s attention to detail.
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4 :: Tell me examples of how your proactive behavior benefited past projects?

The candidate will express their proactivity skills in their answer.
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5 :: Tell us what technology-related blogs, podcasts or websites do you follow? Do you share any information online?

One of the must-ask IT interview questions by employers is to check whether you are staying up to date on trends. Do you have a sincere interest in IT and keep up on changes in the field and your industry? With technology rapidly changing in today’s digital age, it’s crucial to demonstrate your background knowledge of the IT industry during the job interview stage.
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6 :: Tell us what is your approach to hiring/growing a technology team?

Identify strategic objectives of the business
Understand the skillsets that will enable attainment
Discuss hiring versus grooming of skillset required
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7 :: Explain me what do you feel is most important for IT, enablement or innovation?

Depending on the industry this will differ
Enablement: helping organizations do their core business better
Innovation: helping organization lead with their technology
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8 :: Tell us do you get bored easily?

This is an interesting question, since the two extremes of possible answers may be "correct" depending on the role you're trying to fill. If you're looking to fill a strategy- or project-related role, where the candidate will be bouncing from project to project on a weekly or monthly basis, you want someone who is easily bored and constantly looking for new challenges. If you need a competent manager or staff member to run a steady-state process and sweat the details, you obviously want a very different candidate.
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9 :: Tell us how Is Success Measured in This Role?

How will your performance be evaluated? Will you be judged on how solid your code is or just how many lines of code you write per day?

Asking how your performance will be evaluated gives you a good sense of how management understands the role. It can also give you a glimpse of corporate culture in action. If performance is based on the quality of the product, chances are company culture supports the idea of upholding quality.

You can also use this answer to highlight your performance in previous positions.
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10 :: Tell us how do you manage triple constraints?

Provide examples on managing cost, schedule, scope
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