IELTS Reading Interview Preparation Guide
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IELTS Reading Test are based on two types. If you are taking IELTS to study abroad then you will take the Academic IELTS Reading Module. If you are taking IELTS for other purposes such as working abroad, then you will take the General Training Reading Module.

10 IELTS Reading Test Questions and Answers:

1 :: IELTS Reading Tests are aims to assess the following skills:

Reading for gist
Reading for main ideas
Reading for detail
Understanding inferences and implied meaning
Recognising a writers opinions
Attitudes and purpose
Following the development of an argument
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2 :: Academic IELTS Reading Test Contains:

40 questions in 60 minutes
3 readings
Texts from journals, magazines, books, newspapers
General interest texts written for non-specialist audience
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3 :: General IELTS Reading Test Contains:

40 questions in 60 minutes
3 readings
Texts from advertisements, booklets, leaflets, manuals, notices, newspapers, magazines
Texts related to everyday life, work & general interest
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4 :: The Reading Passages Contains:

There are three reading passages with a total of 2,150-2,750 words. Texts are taken from journals, magazines, books, and newspapers.

All the topics are of general interest and the texts have been written for a non-specialist audience. The readings are intended to be about issues that are appropriate to candidates who will enter postgraduate or undergraduate courses.

At least one text will contain detailed logical argument. One of the texts may contain non-verbal materials such as graphs, illustrations or diagrams.

If there are technical terms which you may not know in the text then a glossary is provided. The texts and questions become more difficult through the paper.
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5 :: The Questions of IELTS Reading Test:

Instructions are clear and easy to follow and you will be provided with examples of any unfamiliar question types. Texts and questions appear on a Question Paper which you can write on but not take away from the test room.

You must answers all questions on an Answer Sheet during the 60 minutes - there is not extra time at the end to transfer your answers to an answer sheet.

The position of the questions varies - some of the questions may come before a passage, some may come after, depending on the question type.
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