General Accounting Interview Preparation Guide
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General Accounting frequently Asked Questions in various Accounting General job Interviews by interviewer. Get preparation of General Accounting job interview

25 Accounting General Questions and Answers:

1 :: Suppose we given tour advance to party how to treat entry and which head have to given expenditure?

Cash/Bank a/c DR
To Party(name)a/c
(Advance Paid For Tour)
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2 :: Explain what journal entry pass in case of vat refundable and in case of vat payable?

In case of vat payable:
output vat
Toinput vat
To vat payable

In case of vat refundable:
output vat
vat refundable
To input vat
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3 :: What is meant by spin-off?

Spin off is creating new company by selling or distributing
the shares of existing company
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4 :: Tell me Which company is coded in SENSEX?

1. BMW
2. Toyota Motors
3. TATA Motors
4. All
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5 :: How to explain the reasons to quit my previous job and what are the better reasons to quit my job?

My present company is shifting its business premises to far
from the present place.
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