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15 EAI TIBCO Questions and Answers:

1 :: Already the table has some data in it, with the help of ADB we had inserted some data. By seeing the table how can we identify the data inserted by ADB?

Really good question as far of my knowledge

when insert any data through adb adapter adb will create publication table through that or by checking log file
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2 :: What is the difference between publish by value and publish by reference?

In publish by value, all the data will be copied from main
table to P table..where as in publish by reference only the
reference will be copied.
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3 :: What is the advantage of scripted deployment in Tibco? What is difference between scripted deployment and normal deployment?

Below are the scenerio I can expect:
1. When ever the TIBCO Administrator is down we have to
deploye a application from TRA -> Appmanage.
2. In case we have to deploye various applications using
same global parameters, we have to provide every time these
parameters in TIBCO administrator wile deployement.

So its better to get a best proctice to deploye application
from backend using the scripts. below are the advantages:

1. If Admin is down we are able to deploye application
2. We use a properties file (XML) which is having all the
variables which can be used by various similler
applications. So low workload.
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4 :: Where does the Tibco Admin maintains the version history of the application? Please tell us the path?

In the TIBCO Administrator, navigate to
All Applications > <your application name> > click on
"History" button right over Configuration builder pane.
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5 :: Where do the default global variables declared in designer are stored in Tibco Administrator?

In .PAR folder. We can see this folder in TIBCO
adminstrator in Application management--> application-->EAR
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