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Digital Marketing Executive Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Digital Marketing Executive. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job test and quickly revise the concepts

54 Digital Marketing Executive Questions and Answers:

1 :: How to measure social return on investment (ROI)?

Use tools like the Conversion Measurement tool on Facebook and Optimized CPM. Your website will also often have analytics used to measure social media ROI. Lastly, some of the platforms themselves such as LinkedIn have their own analytics. The fundamental measures are the same as in other areas of marketing: clicks, likes, shares, purchases, change in attitude, etc.
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2 :: How to use social media as a tool for customer service?

Social media is a great tool for customer service since you can converse with customers directly, use analytics to see how they're responding to content, and find influencers to chat with and bring over to your network. Some of these influencers might even be customers. Most social media employers stress the power conversation so have examples of how you've reached out to customers. Social media is also a good indicator of overall company vitality and analytics.
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3 :: How to participate in product development?

Talk about coordinating actions and information with the development department at every stage. Give examples of how your marketing management influences product development and vice versa.
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4 :: What importance do you attach to market research in your profession?

Market research is considered a key aspect in this role and researching is crucial for a marketing manager. Based on research, the manager decides on strategies, marketing tactics, campaigns, pricing, and promotion policies. Market research allows identifying new product trends, which allows introducing new services or products into the company product line. It also allows following recent developments and competitors.
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5 :: How much SEO knowledge and experience do you have?

SEO is a desireable skill for social media marketers and marketers in general since companies always want their content to rank as high as possible on a Google search. Explain how social media helps make this happen by boosting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs…you should know what these are!), making content more share-worthy and perhaps even viral, stressing keywords, and by simply increasing the amount of content attached to a brand. Talk about how you always factor SEO into any social media strategy and detail exactly how you did it in the past.
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6 :: Which social media platforms are you best at using and why?

When you answer this question, spend the most time talking about the platform you're most skilled with and explain why this is the case. However, you should mention all the major platforms and details their strengths. Talk about how Twitter is best for conversations, Facebook is great for advertising, LinkedIn is best for recruiting and sharing career-related articles, and how Google+ is an underrated tool that is actually valuable for creating a social media community.
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7 :: What are your favorite social media blogs?

This is another question where there is no right answer. Be prepared to explain why you picked your sites though. If you don't follow any blogs, try browsing a few so you'll at least be prepared for this question.
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8 :: What is the importance of team work in Digital Marketing?

Teamwork is important as the marketing manager does his research and makes his strategic decisions based on external resources as well as cross company personnel. He brings his team work to perfection resulting in product development, marketing initiatives, promotion, and advertising. He must know how to explain, lead, and instruct. He must be able to understand the goals and means of the organization in order to adapt his own decisions for optimal effect.
For example, marketing strategies may influence product shape and color and vice versa.
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9 :: What social media campaigns have you produced and/or managed?

Social media employers often stress conversation, storytelling, and engagement. Give examples of how you have conversed with clients and consumers, created interesting stories, and increased measures of engagement such as clicks, likes, reach, etc. Any campaign you mention should have these three elements at the very least. Be sure to save dashboards and results from your campaigns so you can show them off later!
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10 :: Questions for you to ask the Digital Marketing Executive interviewer:

► How would you describe the company's culture and leadership philosophy?
► Can you please show me some examples of projects that I'd be working on?
► What is the single largest problem facing your staff, and would I be in a position to help you solve this problem?
► What specific qualities and skills are you looking for in the job candidate?
► Is this a new position, or did someone leave? If someone left, why did they leave or what did they go on to do?
► What is the typical career trajectory for a person in this position?
► What would you say are the three most important skills needed to excel in this position?
► Who would be my manager, and will I have the opportunity to meet him or her?
► Why do you like working here?
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