Dental Hygienist Interview Preparation Guide
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Dental Hygienist job test questions and answers guide. The one who provides the best answers with a perfect presentation is the one who wins the job hunting race. Learn Dental Hygienist and get preparation for the new job

35 Dental Hygienist Questions and Answers:

1 :: What courses taken prior to enrolling in the dental hygiene program supported you in the program?

★ Anatomy and physiology (hands down)
★ The Science courses including A & P, Chemistry, Microbiology as well as Psychology, Speech and Communications were all very helpful and necessary.
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2 :: What was the most difficult course or project for you?

Periodontics was the most difficult, due to the big picture aspect to the disease. I didn't really understand how it all came together until I got into the work force.Through experience I began to see patients who had health issues that affected their perio status.
Working with full blown perio cases brought it all together for me.
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3 :: What was your favorite and most difficult class?

My favorite and most difficult classes were Histology/Embryology and oral pathology we had fun memorizing, questioning and doing a few projects. The most difficult thing for me was to work on group projects. And yes I survived group projects (not a fan of these). I can now admit that these were very beneficial when working with a small group or staff every day!
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4 :: What gave you a tough time that you wish you would have received more help with?

★ More time with the ultrasonic would have been helpful.After four years of work I finally feel pretty effective with the ultrasonic. Also, sharpening the instrument was a challenge.I have worked very diligently to become proficient at this skill.
★ The two biggies for me are coding and scheduling as I had no prior dental experience.
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5 :: Why did you choose hygiene as a profession?

★ I knew health care was one of the fastest growing career areas, good pay, flexible hours. I didn't expect to love the work as much as I do.
★ I wanted to be in a profession that I could apply my communication skills to teach people of all ages how to be healthier. Hygiene chose me!
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6 :: What did you think dental hygiene was all about when you started school?

1: Cleaning teeth.
2: I thought it was all about teeth and gums!
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7 :: What things surprised you once you were enrolled in the dental hygienist program?

1: The link between systemic health and oral condition.
2: The depth of study and many other subjects to be mastered in DH was amazing.
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8 :: What do you wish someone would have told you before you started school?

★ Patient management would be a huge aspect of the daily workday. It takes all kinds to make the world go around and many of them will sit in you dental chair.
★ To clean every corner of my house and train my boys better because there was no looking back.
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9 :: Share your memorable experiences?

★ Completing my class IV patient. It was very rewarding.
★ Wow every experience was one to remember.
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10 :: What is the best way to brush?

Just because your teeth are made of hard enamel, it doesn't mean you should scrub them like you would a dirty pot.
Scrubbing that's too aggressive or a toothbrush that's too hard can harm gums and tooth enamel.
Brush for two minutes every time (half a minute for each quadrant of teeth), and use a soft-bristled toothbrush.
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