Content Writer Interview Preparation Guide
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Content Writer job preparation guide for freshers and experienced candidates. Number of Content Writer frequently asked questions(FAQs) asked in many interviews

53 Content Writer Questions and Answers:

1 :: Please tell us what are your strengths?

I have been told that i am honest, reliable and ethical.
Your sense of urgency, if you know that a task is important, then you will work hard to get it done on time.
You are a fast learner.
Ability to communicate with people.
Flexible enough to handle changing environments.
Able to cope with setback and learn from my mistakes.
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2 :: Tell me something about you and related to yourself?

They want you to tell them (in your own words) a bit more about your background, work experience, attitude and ambitions. Make your answer brief and to the point. Do not talk about your hobbies, personal likes or dislikes. Finish the answer by focusing on your Unique Selling Proposition, do this by mentioning what you are good at etc.
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3 :: Please tell us what are your weaknesses?

► Occasionally I have been told that I take longer than other colleagues to complete complicated projects or tasks. But this is only because I want to make sure the work I do is to the highest standards.
► My MS PowerPoint skills are weak, so I have enrolled on a evening course to improve them.
► I am sometimes accused of being over friendly.
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4 :: What not to say in your weaknesses?

You are a workaholic.
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5 :: Please tell us why you leave your last job?

► There was no real room for growing my career.
► The position you are advertising seems like a excellent match for my knowledge, abilities and qualifications.
► I am keen to use my skill sets and abilities in a different capacity than I have in the past.
► I am looking for a job that has more responsibility.
► The reason for leaving my last job was that I wanted to spend more time with my family. I am now ready to go back into full time employment.
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6 :: What achievements you have been to date?

Give a solution that is related to work and if possible the job you are applying for. Demonstrate something that shows how you saved a previous employer money, made them more efficient or increased revenue.
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7 :: How do you kick off a project with a new client?

What you're looking for here is listening. A good content writer will spend time with the client to get a feel for the brand's personality as well as the needs of its target audience.
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8 :: Which blogs do you read?

You're looking for a writer who's committed to keeping his or her skills sharp, and that includes reading some of the better blogs on the subject of content creation.
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9 :: Tell me about the best book you've read recently?

The best writers love to read, and not just blogs and e-zines. On my list of acceptable answers would be any marketing or general business book, as well as any book that shows your writer is a well-rounded individual.
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10 :: Which professional organizations do you belong to?

A good writer views his or her work as a business, one that is worth investing in-and part of that investment involves joining professional organizations. They offer the opportunity to keep up with trends, sharpen skills, and benefit from interaction with other professionals. And a good writer will find a way to come up with the annual dues.
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