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17 Automobile Engineering Questions and Answers:


Tractors have big rear tires because ,the larger the surface
area of the tractor's wheels touching the ground, the more
pulling power you have. Like how tractor pullers have large

Another reason is that the tractor doesn't have to operate
at a higher speed to get the same ground speed with larger
tires. Gear ratios don't have to be as high b/c of the
larger tires.
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A geometric parameter which is positive if the kingpin axis
intersects the wheel plane at or below ground level, or is
negative if the point of intersection is above ground level.
Also called scrub radius
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3 :: What is the formula for calculating BHP IN SI UNITS?

Boiler horse power (BHP) is a power unit used for measuring the power output of boilers, widely used in the past, but now confined to North America. The boiler horsepower conversion formula is as follows.

1 Boiler Horsepower = 9,809.5 Watts
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4 :: Explain different between two stroke engine four stroke engine?

In a two stroke engine, for every two rotations of the crank
shaft there will be one power stroke.Hence during
compression stroke, fuel will be drawn in to the crank case
(suction) and during power stroke, burnt fuel will be thrown
out through transfer ports (exaust).
In a four stroke engine, for every four rotations of the
crank shaft there will be one power stroke.
Here, suction, compression,power & exaust strokes are seperate
as there will be inlet and exaust valves.
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5 :: For the purpose of inflating car tyres, spray painting, etc. i.e. say a small workshop, what size of a compressor (CFM) is recommended? It will be generally for a hobby use and not commercial use?

spray painting it is generally used for painting in a very
smaller areas of any part and where it is very hard to paint
in a brush .... And to improve faster rate of painting,,
spray painting r used........usually reciprocating
compressor r used but size depends upon requirement...........
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