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Assistant IT related Frequently Asked Questions by expert members with job experience as Assistant IT. These questions and answers will help you strengthen your technical skills, prepare for the new job interview and quickly revise your concepts

55 Assistant IT Questions and Answers:

1 :: What salary are you expecting for this job as Assistant IT?

The salary question will hardly miss in your next IT Assistant job interview, even when the employer clearly has a set budget for the position. To ensure you do not lose out on a chance for the job when the interview was going well, make sure you do not overstate or understate the amount.

Do your research if you do not have a figure in mind to know the range to quote. Then you can answer that question this way; “According to the research I have done and duties listed in this particular job, similar positions pay a salary of X to Z. With my skills and past experience, I expect a salary ranging between Y and Z”.
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2 :: Tell me if the audio for your computer is not working, what would you check?

Check the following: Speaker volume, cable connections, power to the speakers and device drivers.
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3 :: Do you know what are some versions of Windows XP?

☛ XP Professional,
☛ XP Home,
☛ Media Centre,
☛ Tablet PC and
☛ Mobile
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4 :: Explain me what qualities do you look for when you hire people?

Mention ability and experience and interpersonal skills. You should also mention initiative and future potential.
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5 :: Tell us yourself professionally in a few words?

This is not an invitation to give your life story. Give a brief mention of your highest education level, say where you have worked and your role focusing on your most recent position and then refer to your future goals. You should devote no more than one sentence to each aspect.
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6 :: Tell us how capable do you think you are at handling stress?

Here you need to acknowledge that sometimes work and life can be stressful. You need to show what techniques you use to reduce and control stress – careful time management, exercise, time out, setting priorities are all methods you could discuss.
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7 :: Tell us what do you know about our company and our products?

To answer this question, you must have done your homework and to show it. You will need to know what the company does and something about its products. You will also need to be aware of recent developments and know a little about the leading figures in the company.
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8 :: Can you explain me what long-term goals do you have?

Relate to the job description and the company and describe what progression you would like to see in that environment.
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9 :: Tell us in two or three years from now, what do you see yourself doing?

This is a test of your ambition and possible loyalty. You should be clear about what you hope to achieve and could ask the interviewers if your objectives are a possibility with their company.
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10 :: What are your biggest weaknesses as Assistant IT?

Every candidate knows how to answer this question: Just pick a theoretical weakness and magically transform that flaw into a strength in disguise!

For example: "My biggest weakness is getting so absorbed in my work that I lose all track of time. Every day I look up and realize everyone has gone home! I know I should be more aware of the clock, but when I love what I'm doing I just can't think of anything else."
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