Anatomy Interview Preparation Guide
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Anatomy Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that Anatomy is a branch of biology and Medicine which studies primarily the internal structure and design of the structure of living things. Anatomy is a general term that includes human anatomy, animal anatomy (zootomy) and plant anatomy (phytotomy). Learn basic and advance Anatomy concepts or get preparation of Anatomy jobs interview by our Anatomy Interview Questions and Answers Guide

29 Anatomy Questions and Answers:

1 :: Which of the following involves the injection of radioisotopes into the body?

► a) Radiography
► b) PET
► c) CT imaging
► d) MRI

Answer - b
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2 :: Histology is the study for which of the following:

► a) Cells and membranes
► b) Skin
► c) Organs and organ systems
► d) Tissues

Answer - d
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3 :: What is the function of serous membranes?

► a) To prevent fluid loss from an organ
► b) To reduce friction between internal organs
► c) To circulate blood around the organ
► d) To conserve heat within the organ

Answer - b
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4 :: The heart is ____ to the lungs:

► a) Superior
► b) Dorsal
► c) Medial
► d) Lateral

Answer - c
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5 :: The elbow is ______ the wrist:

► a) Distal
► b) Lateral
► c) Ventral
► d) Proximal

Answer - d
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