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Advertising Media frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Advertising Media. So get preparation for the Advertising Media job interview

16 Advertising Media Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is disadvantages of advertising?

Disadvantages of advertisings are:-
1.Effect on children which advertise depends upon
underwear, & such all things.
2.As well as money wasting.
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2 :: How can advertising the cell phone?

to create cartoons and they tell about cell phones in
graphics.. like something different way to show advertising
the cell phones....
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3 :: Why in all watch/clock advertisement, time is shown approx 10:10 only?

It was to remember one of the famous scientist's
anniversary, who was closely related to the making of
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4 :: What does Nifty 50 comprises of which companies, is it from the same sector or just Top 50 companies?

nifty 50 comprises from top 50 companies. iyt does not mean
they belong to one sector or industry.
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5 :: What is advertising?

advertising is we are knowing new products
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6 :: How to deny to receive mail from some email address?

select the mail as spam then we can't receive mail from the same email id
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7 :: Who has the full authority to control over media?

media planner
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8 :: Why do online advertising?

Because this is economical and 24hours in show the client
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9 :: Worlds most fabled men?

malik akbar siddiuqi
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10 :: What is Development Communication?

Use of communication technology, mass media and different
channels/media of communication for promotion of health,
social development/rural development issues is coined as
development communication.
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