Adobe Photoshop Interview Preparation Guide
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Adobe Photoshop Interview Questions and Answers will guide you that Adobe Photoshop, or simply Photoshop, is a graphics editing program (also known as a DPP, Desktop Publishing Program) developed and published by Adobe Systems. Photoshop is the current and primary market leader for commercial bitmap and image manipulation software, and is the flagship product of Adobe Systems. Get Adobe Photoshop Job preparation with Adobe Photoshop interview questions and answers

11 Adobe Photoshop Questions and Answers:

1 :: What is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a professional image editing software package that can be used by experts and
novices alike. While this handout offers some very basic tips on using the tools available in
Photoshop, more comprehensive guidance can be accessed on the web or in the help menu of your
version of Photoshop. The version used for this tutorial is Adobe Photoshop CS.
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2 :: Explain about the photoshop Work Area?

The work area can be intimidating to work with because of all the complex functionality but with a
quick breakdown of the available features and their uses, you will be ready to comfortably navigate
the work area with ease. The work area in Photoshop has the following basic functionality and
? Menu Bar ? this is where you can access most of the commands and features in
? Drawing Palette ?
where the image being worked on will appear
? Options bar
content sensitive display of tool options ? changes as different tools are selected
display using Window > Options or Click a tool in the toolbox.
Lasso options bar
? Tool box -
for creating an editing images (display or hide using Windows > Tools)
? Palettes - to monitor and modify images (there are 5 palettes by default)
? Palette Well -
to organize palettes in work area
Drag a palette?s tab into the palette well to store it in the palette well
Once in the palette well click on the palette tab to use it
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3 :: What is Resizing Images and Size Guide in Adobe Photoshop?

When working with images for a website, you will need to resize your images to suit your particular
purpose. Here is a basic guide that can help you decide on what is suitable. (The units used here are
pixels, which are standard units across all computer platforms. The conversion between pixels and
inches is roughly 1? = 72 pixels or 1cm = 28 pixels) To use this particular unit of measure you will
need to adjust you preference settings by selecting Edit > Preferences > Units and Rulers and
changing the units and rulers to measure in pixels.
Type of picture
Size in Pixels
1024 x 768
Standard personal picture of yourself for a
personal website
200 x 200
Title bar e.g. Google title bar on the
Google homepage
276 x 110
To resize a picture look on the menu bar and select Image > image size
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4 :: How do we crop an image in photoshop?

Cropping an image allows you to cut out any portion of the image you don't like and/or make an image smaller. This document contains the steps performed to crop an image in each of the major image editors. To the right is a visual example of a large image, such as a image scanned into the computer being cropped to a smaller image.
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5 :: What is Gradients in Adobe Photoshop?

Gradients are a great way to introduce flashy, eye-catching graphics in your pages.
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