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MS Excel Interview Questions and Answers will guide us that Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application written and distributed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. It has been a very widely applied spreadsheet for these platforms, especially since version 5 in 1993. Get MS Excel Job interview preparation with this MS Excel Interview Questions and Answer Guide

140 MS Excel Questions and Answers:

1 :: In MS Access, the long and short date option does not show 4 digit years. How do I achieve the mm/dd/yyyy format?

In the date field properties of the table, form, or properties manually input the format you would like. It is not required to choose one of the date formats in the drop down box. Example would be mm/dd/yyyy.
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2 :: How do I put password to protect my entire Spreadsheet so data cannot be changed?

1. Click Tools
2. Scroll down to Protection, then Protect Sheet
3. Enter a password, Click OK
4. Re-enter password,
Click OK
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3 :: What is Freeze Panes and how do I do it?

1. Row - Select the row below where you want the split to appear
2. Column - Select the column to the right of where you want the split to appear
3. Go to the Menu Bar
4. Click Windows
and then click Freeze Panes
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4 :: How do I Format data in MS Excel?

1. Must Always highlight the data before formatting
2. Click Format
3. Then go to Cells
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5 :: How do I resize Columns and Rows to better fit the data in MS Excel?

1. Move the mouse in between any two labels (Rows/numbers or Columns/letters)
2. The pointer will turn into a vertical (letters) or horizontal (numbers) line with arrows on both ends
3. Simply drag the column or row to the desired size
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