USA Visitor Visa B2 Interview Preparation Guide
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USA Visitor Visa B2 frequently Asked Questions in various Visitor Visa B2 USA Interviews by interviewer. The set of USA Visitor Visa B2 interview questions here ensures that you offer a perfect answer to the interview questions posed to you. Get preparation of USA Visitor Visa B2 interview

8 Visitor Visa B2 USA Questions and Answers:

1 :: Can you explain why you are going to US?

because i love traveling and your country has many places
to visit like american museum, city park etc
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2 :: I want go to Singapore so what can i do for this purpose what document required for the same?

first apply for your passpaort.after that , what purpose
you are going to singapore examp; higher studtes , for
sponsered job , for visiting .......etc depends of visa...
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3 :: Hi I am planning to visit USA. I have a friend in California... She told me that she will accommodate everything me when I get there... What are the requirements she has to prepare for me to pass the B2 US Visa? And what are the requirements should I prepare for my my interview? Can you guys give me some tips regarding the interview and the appropriate answers?

Your friend there may have to prepare the sponsor documents for
you. She has to show that she can accommodate you when you
are there. And she may has to show
1) I-139
2) bank account balance
3) letter from bank
4) her invitation letter to you
5) personal letter to consular
6) Proof of US citizenship
7) payrolls, tax returns,..
You should check them on Good luck!
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5 :: I am 33 years old and working in a technical software industry. I am Working in India.
I am holding 10 yr B1/B2 Visa valid till 2014.
Can someone please share with me " how soon can one visit again on B2 visitor visa"? and Secondly I am assuming that they will give 3 months initially...then can we extend it? Is yes on what grounds and for how long?
Lets Say I plan to come in Nov... then till when can i stay and when i can be back to go back on b2 again?

there is no restriction for your to travel on B2 mostly but
don't assume you will get 3months initially because its the
one who decides at the port of entry. Definitely there will
be questions waiting for you at port of entry and make your
answers prepared and your well answers will decide your
duration of stay and even there are chances to reject your
entry too.
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