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Write an expression or Perl script to identify the entered IP address is valid or not?


Answer #1
#! /usr/bin/per
use strict;
#- Use Input
my $ip_add = "";

#- Script start
print"Enter the IP address\n";
$ip_add = <STDIN>;
chomp($ip_add); # Remove the last "\n" character
$ip_add=$ip_add."\."; # Append . at the end of IP address
#-------Expression to check IP address is valid or not-----#
if($ip_add =~ m/^[0-2]?[0-5]?[0-5]?\.){4}$){
print" Valid IP Address\n";
print" Invalid IP Address\n"

Answer #2
use strict;
print \\"Enter IP Addres\\";
my $ip_add = ;

if ($ip_add =~ m/\\\\d{1,3}[0-255]\\\\.\\\\d{1,3}[0-255]\\\\.\\\\d{1,3}[0-255]\\\\.\\\\d{1,3}[0-255]/){
print \\"valid IP Addres\\\\n\\";
}else {
print \\"Invalid IP Addres\\";

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