Lisp Programming Question:
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Why we need LISP?


In short, no single improvement you can make to your AutoCAD system will save you more time, effort, and money. You can spend thousands on the latest generation computers, the fastest video cards, and so on, but that won't make nearly as big a difference as automating your system with software. With an arsenal of LISP routines, you will send accuracy, consistency, and productivity soaring while greatly reducing the stress and strain of CAD operation. The right software is the key, and there is no amount of software you can buy that beats being able to program AutoCAD yourself with as many tailor-made routines as you want. And that is exactly what the LISP Generator enables you to do.

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Explain the purpose of this newsgroup?How to save an executable image of my loaded Lisp system? How to run a Unix command in Lisp? How to exit Lisp? Access environment variables?