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Where can I get a copy of Delphi?


If you are in the US, You can order Delphi Desktop on CD-ROM for an introductory price of $199 by calling Borland's credit card order desk at 1-800-331-0877. If you are a registered user of any version of Turbo Pascal or Borland Pascal, you qualify for an upgrade price of $149, and you can also buy the Visual Component Library Source Code for $49. The introductory pricing is good through approximately May 15, 1995; after that, the price will be raised to $495. Delphi Client/Server is $1999.

Of course, if you buy through a reseller, you will probably pay less. According to Borland, "Delphi is available through the following US resellers: CompUSA, Best Buy, Elek-Tek, Computer City, Babbages, Software Etc., Fry's, Electronics Boutique, Corporate Software, ASAP Software Express, Egghead Software, Softmart, Software Spectrum, CDW, PC Connection, Programmer's Paradise, Programmer's Warehouse, ProVantage Shop, and Micro Warehouse."

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