ECMA Script for XML (E4X) Question:
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What you understand about ECMA?


ECMA(The European Computer Manufacturers Association)international was founded in 1961.
ECMA is an organization made to standardization of information and Communication Technology(ICT) and Consumer Electronics(CE).
We use ECMA standard with

2.C# Language
3.International Character Sets
4.Optical Disks
5.Magnetic Tapes
6.Data Compression
7.Data Communication etc.
ECMA-262(JavaScript1.3)was standarize in Dec1999.
ECMA-357 (E4X) was standardized in June2004.
We use E4X to make JavaScript supported with XML.

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Tell me how can we use E4X in Mozilla and Mozilla Based browsers?How we say JavaScript as same as ECMAScript?