WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Question:
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What is the main advantage of WAS? (Windows activation service) When it is used?


Windows Process Activation Server (WAS) is a new server
available with Vista and Windows Server 2008. The new server
is capable of deploying WCF applications which is driven
through different communication protocols such as TCP, Named
Pipes, MSMQ etc together with HTTP. IIS can host WCF
services that communicates only using HTTP while WAS
supports all of the above given protocols. So for an
application that communicates internally using TCP can be
deployed in HTTP by adding a few changes in the
configuration. So the same applicaiton communicates with TCP
and HTTP under a host.

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We have already 2 hostings IIS and self hosting. There is another hosting ie WAS Hosting. What is the use of the WAS(Windows activation Service) compared to other hosting?What is overloading in WCF? How to do authentication in WCF.?