WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Question:
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What is overloading in WCF? How to do authentication in WCF.?


Using the "Name" we can achieve operational overloading
interface IInterfaceName
[OperationContract (Name = "aliasName1")]
int MethodName (int param1, int param2);

[OperationContract (Name = "aliasName2")]
double MethodName (double param1, double param1);

For authentication:-
Say windows,

set the authentication mode as follows
<authentication mode="Windows" />

then in the end point set bind the configuration as below.

<endpoint address="basic" binding="basicHttpBinding"
bindingConfiguration="BND" />

<binding name="BND">
<security mode ="Transport">
<transport clientCredentialType ="Windows"/>

For to USE IIS,make sure that IIS Annonymous authentication

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