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What is difference between silica used in TLC and HPLC column?


Answer #1
Tlc is called thin layer chromatography. The simple technique works on the principle of adsorption, where as HPLC is a sophisticated technique works on partition principle.

Answer #2
The difference between TLC and HPLC are vast, I only mention a little in terms of stationary phase. TLC is Thin Layer chromatography, which is considered as a normal phase medium in terms of stationary phase. On the other hand, HPLC is far more complex instrument. HPLC can either using normal phase or reverse phase stationary phase. The latter one actually is more popular and widely used.

Answer #3
It is difference in their polarities ,,, we used silica in HPLC , which is non polar silica,while used silica in TLC which is polar silica,

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