Analytical Chemistry Question:
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What is deference between the working standard and reference standard?


Answer #1
Reference std is like USP,EP std , in this std we get COA
including results of Potency by HPLC , NMR & XRPD data.
whenever there is requirement of w.std preparation first we
have get API rawmaterial from warehouse & we check assay ,
water content or LOD & Related substances aganist reference
std . Some times we are doing analysis in duplicate & get
mean value.then we decide final assay or potency value &
it's validity one year

Answer #2
Working standard is internally use and refrence is external

Answer #3
Reference standard is the one completely characterized material.

Working standard is the one qualified against reference standard with minimal testing's.

Answer #4
Working standard is internal preparationand reference standard like usp, ip

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