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What do you understand by VESA local bus? Mention the cons of using it?


VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. It is used for the transmission of high speed input-output operations as well as to directly access the

- It comprises of a various videos card and monitor manufacturers , they creates standards to define the resolution, number of colors, and other display properties.

- In this way graphics cards have direct access to the processor and system memory. It does not suffer from limitations of the ISA bus.

Some of the cons of using VESA are as follows:

- VESA suffers from interoperability issues.

- VESA Standard is also unreliable as there are multiple cases in which the hardware such as the monitor or the card to display are unstable and buggy.

- Highly dependent on the hardware configuration, getting the right combination is generally difficult.

- VLB cards are not easy to install / service.

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