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What are the differences betweeen Rails 2.x and Rails 3?


(1) Introduction of bundler (New way to manage your gem
* (2) Gemfile and Gemfile.lock (Where all your gem
dependencies lies, instead of environment.rb)
* (3) A new .rb file in config/ folder, named as
application.rb (Which has everything that previously
environment.rb had)
* (4) Change in SQL Structure: Model.where(:activated => true)
* (5) All the mailer script will now be in app/mailers
folder, earlier we kept inside app/models.
* (6) Rails3-UJS support. for links and forms to work as
AJAX, instead of writing complex lines of code, we write
:remote => true
* (7) HTML 5 support.
* (8) Changes in the model based validation syntax:
validates :name, :presence => true
* (9) Ability to install
windows/ruby/jruby/development/production specific gems to
group :production do
gem 'will_paginate'

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