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What are some of the problems with English Roses?


I do not wish to give the impression that all English roses are beautiful
disease-resistant shrubs with large long-lasting old-fashioned flowers. Here
are some of the problems that some or many varieties of English Roses have.

Cut flowers: English Roses can make beautiful cut flowers, but most have two
disadvantages when used as cut flowers. First, most of them have rather
narrow short stems when cut, not nearly as long or stiff as the long-stemmed
Hybrid Teas. Second, the petals are usually more delicate than those of
Hybrid Teas, and some varieties don't last long when cut. 'Heritage' blooms
are famous for lasting only about a day on the bush and only hours when cut.
'Graham Thomas' doesn't last very well either and fades, but 'Abraham Darby'
and Evelyn both have many petals and peform well as cut flowers.

Size: Some English Roses that are medium-size plants in England, where they
were bred, grow very large (often twice as large) in warm climates, such as
the Southern part of the United States. Examples of large plants in warm
climates are 'Graham Thomas', 'Abraham Darby', 'Othello' and 'Evelyn'. This
should be taken in mind when purchasing English Roses.

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