ECMA Script for XML (E4X) Question:
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Using E4X how can we make XML easier to use?


E4X makes easier to use JavaScript to pasre and manipulate XML.This is also use to enable XML library or component to act with XML.On different browsers libraries and components perform with different syntax and work differently. I have given you example where I show how to load an existence XML document("message.xml")into XML parser and to show note from message.Example: Without use of E4X.var xmlDoc//This code is made only for Internet Explorer.if (window.ActiveXObject){xmlDoc = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")xmlDoc.async=false;xmlDoc.load("message.xml")displaymessage()}// This code is made for Mozilla, Firefox etc.else (document.implementation

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Tell me about browser compatibility with E4X?Using E4X how can we define XML document as a JavaScript object?