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Tell me of the Major News Stories from the Last Year, Which Would You Have Like to Cover? Why?


When answering this question, be honest. Don’t try to class up your response by picking something that you think will make you look smart. Honest answers are always good because it illustrates your personality. This part of the Journalist interview questions and answers is designed to showcase what you find interesting in the news and whether that is a fit for the available position. Also, it proves that you know about current events and have formed concrete journalistic opinions on them. Be sure to point out what makes the story interesting to you and why reporting it would have been an interesting experience. Acknowledging why accuracy was vital to the story, as well as why it was an important story to report upon illustrates your journalistic knowledge and passion in a way that few other answers can. You can also discuss why your point of view on the story could have added more insight or an additional angle to the piece. Making your answer personal and individual can help make a lasting impression on you interviewer.

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