Payables Management Question:
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Pick up correct statement from the following:
A. The float may be positive, zero or negative
B. If the float is positive and the activity is delayed by a period equal to its total float, the completion of project is not delayed
C. If the float of an activity is negative, delay in its performance is bound to delay the completion of project
D. If the float of an activity is zero, the activity is critical and any delay in its performance will delay the whole project
E. All the above.


E. All the above

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Milestone chart:
A. shows the inter-dependencies of various jobs
B. depicts the delay of jobs, if any
C. points outgoing ahead of schedule of jobs, if any
D. none of these.
The Time and progress chart of a construction, is also known as:
A. Bar chart
B. Gantt chart
C. Modified Mile stone chart
D. Critical path method chart
E. All the above